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B.E Textile (Bhiwani), Gold Medalist

Technical education in India has seen a huge spurt in recent years. In Uttar Pradesh, this spurt has been quite unprecedented. Unfortunately, there has been a race in setting up such Engineering colleges in every nook & corner of Uttar Pradesh. No doubt, it is a welcome step in a way that the aspiring students do not have to go far from their native places in search of B.Tech/MBA/MCA .However the casualty is the standard of education, which leaves a lot of gap, as many of these newer institutions do not provide all desired facilities in terms of infrastructure quality of teaching faculty & practical lab facilities.With a view to provide high level technical & management education, we have set up a top quality institute in the name of Kashi Institute of Technology. The results in B.Tech/MBA/MCA have been outstanding among all such colleges in Purvanchal. We expect to improve further on these results.

My request to all parents and guardian is to invest more time in the future of their children.Today’s youth is misguided, and get their information from number of sources, some of them unreliable.

I have also seen a number of parents putting their children college, and not even once coming to the college to inquire about the performance of the children. I strongly encourage parents to come and visit the faculty, especially those that come up before the Proctorial Board. With the cooperation of you all, we hope to make even these children succeed in their future lives.
I welcome you all to give suggestions on how to improve the college. Though we are confident of our efforts, we are open to new ideas and directions.Please do come and spare us your thoughts. In the end, I congratulate the Directors& Faculty for having achieved such huge academic success in so short a time. I urge them to keep up the good work.

Vipul Jain

B. Tech (IIT-D), MBA (USA)
Vice Chairman

The Year 2022 comes with a lot of promise. For Varanasi, the biggest advantage is that Shri Narendra Modi.the PrimeMinister of India, is the Member of Parliament from here. Along with the progress that the country will be experiencing, the hope of the people of Varanasi is that this holy and religious city will also get more than it’s fair share of development.

The benefit for the Kashi Institute of Technology is immense. Being the first Private Engineering college in Varanasi, the college has always believed in the city. But, despite all the investments made in the college, and the outstanding results that it’s students gave in the first year, the attraction of Delhi and the NCR region was such that it was difficult to counter. However, with the whole country now looking at Varanasi, and the expected development in the city and the investments by Industry, the scope of education in Varanasi has gone up. Why should you leave a city that the whole country wants to come to? Does not make sense! That is the one advantage that we as an educational Institution stand to benefit from.

The year 2022-23 has seen a culmination of the infrastructural development in the college. The Girls hostel is now complete with its four storied building. The canteen and mess has started fully functioning The Corporate relations Cell has shifted to the 2nd floor of the Administrative block. Both the 250 seat air conditioned seminar halls have become truly functional. The internal roads have been completed. The two acre dedicated playing ground has come up. The two remaining floors of the boys hostel are becoming completed. All in all, except for the delays which are inherent in development and construction work, we expect all the buildings to be completely operational by 2022 end.

Our academic profile is also changing. Most of our faculty are now having a Masters degree as a minimum qualification, and applied science faculty are mostly Ph.Ds. We are consciously exposing our students to the rigours of industry with more industry interaction, site visits, and expert lectures. Our T & P cell has done multiple seminars, and promises multiple employment opportunities to all students. Our first year students continue to excel in their performances at the University level.

 At the end, I feel we are in the right city (varanasi) at the right time. We will now not have to wait long to enjoy the fruits of our success!

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